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DJHIT / LUV 4 MY HOOD 〜never forget 3.11〜

東日本大震災から数年が経った今、DJ HITの思いを1枚に詰め込んだ、渾身のMIXがここに完成!!! DJ HITのHOOD『福島県浪江町』は、震災後、原発事故により、警戒区域となった。 地元からの避難を強いられ、そこで感じた様々な感謝の気持ちや、地元に対する大切さなどの想いを、これから先も決して忘れてはいけないという 強い信念から、DJ HITが1枚のMIXアルバムと形にした。 被災者だろうがなんだろうが、何があっても絶対に負けず、HipHopを貫き通す事を、DJ HITがここに証明!!!!! [Track List] 1.INTRO / MESSAGE by TA28(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) 2.D.A.Z.[Destruction Adds up to Zero / DAZ DILLINGER 3.THE WAY LIFE USED TO BE / SNOOP DOGG 4.SHOUT OUT by Y.K.T(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) 5.KUSH / DR.DRE feat, SNOOP DOGG & AKON 6.SHOUT OUT by VOXX(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) 7.WEST WEST / B.G. Knocc Out 8.REALITY SHOW / WC 9.THE REALITY / THE MENACE feat, QC 10.SKIT / DJ HIT 11.4 THE WESTSIDE / DISKO 12.KICKSTAND / GLASSES MALONE 13.YOU KNOW ME / WC feat, ICE CUBE & MAYLAY 14.RED NATION / GAME feat, LIL WAYNE 15.I NEED A DOCTOR / DR.DRE feat, EMINEM & SKYLAR GREY 16.SO CLEAN / OUTLAWZ feat, STORMEY COLEMAN 17.I'M FROM THE HOOD / DAZ DILLINGER feat, SWIZZ BEATZ 18.BOTTLEZ / T-PAIN feat, DETAIL 19.SHOUT OUT by DJ BLANTZ(from TRILL STANCE RECORDZ) 20.CALIFORNIA VACATION / THE GAME feat, SNOOP DOGG & XZIBIT 21.TAKE ME AWAY / ICE CUBE feat, BUTCH CASSIDY 22.GOTTI / KURUPT feat, LOS 23.SKIT / DJ HIT 24.THE MACK / MANN feat, SNOOP DOGG & IYAZ 25.PAC'S LIFE / 2PAC feat, T.I. & ASHANTI 26.SHOUT OUT by KZ a.k.a RAP TRICKY(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) 27.I'LL DO ANYTHING / DAMIZZA feat, N.U.M.E. 28.PLAYIN IN THE SHADE / A LIGHTER SHADE OF BROWN 29.1ST THINGS 1ST / CALI LIFE STYLE feat, FINGAZZ 30.HIGH COME DOWN / CHICO&COOLWADDA feat, NATE DOGG 31.HIGH COME DOWN[DJ HIT REMIX] / CHICO&COOLWADDA feat, NATE DOGG TRACK by DUB-T(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) 32.YOUNG, WILD & FREE / SNOOP DOGG & WIZ KHALIFA feat, BRUNO MARS ~~~BONUS TRACK~~~ 33.REPRESENT / VOXX(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) TRACK by DJ HIT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MIXED by DJ HIT(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) SHOUT OUT by DJ BLANTZ(from TRILL STANCE RECORDZ), Y.K.T & VOXX & TA28 & KZ a.k.a RAP TRICKY (from BRAND NEW RECORDS) TRACK by DUB-T(from BRAND NEW RECORDS) MASTERED by MR.HIRATSUKA ARTWORK : LOCO PLAYA ENTERTAINMENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
商品コード : M0752
価格 : 1,380円(税込み1,491円)
ポイント : 29


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