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Cartelsons / Originals Unreleased And Remixes

フランスの名プロデューサーCARTELSONSによる未発表曲やREMIX音源集が到着。WESTCOAST臭全開のG-FUNKファンマストな一枚です。 1.Roscoe & Neoh - If It Aint Bout Money (Unreleased) 2.Roscoe, Mac Lucci, Neoh & A-Dub - Bosses Only (Part 1) (Original) 3.Lil Woofy Woof - Back In Tha Dayz (Unreleased) 4.E-White, Shade Sheist, Kam & Dion - Tha West Part.2 (Original) 5.2Pac - Watch Ya Mouth (Remix) 6.Nate Dogg - I Got Love (Remix) 7.Baby S - I Am Not (Remix) 8.Snoop Dogg & Shade Sheist - Act Right (Original) 9.Pilot P - Million Dollar Dreams (Original) 10.Tekneek - Can You Hear Me (Unreleased) 11.Mr Criminal, Lil Yogi & Sicc2Sicc - End Of The Beef (Original) 12.2Pac & Half Deezy - Thugg Nigga (Remix) 13.Kokane, Crooked I & Moe-Z - Dont I Trust You (Original) 14.Eboi - Kill It (Remix) 15.2Pac & Lil Woofy Woof - War Games (Remix) 16.NME - Clowns (Original) 17.E-White, Bad Azz & Moe-Z - U Neva Believed (Original) 18.Tekeek & Bobby Debarge - Cold Shoulder (Unreleased) 19.Soopafly - From Nuthin To Sumthin (Freestyle) 20.Lil Woofy Woof - Please Dont Judge Me (Remix) 21.Tekneek - Ride And Push (Unreleased) 22.Lil Woofy Woof - Aint No Justice (Unreleased) 3.Back In Tha Dayz 5.Watch Ya Mouth 9.Million Dollar Dreams 12.Thugg Nigga
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