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VA/Show Me The Money

Side 1 01.Greens,Cornbread&Cabbage-MasterP 02.For The Love Of $-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 03.Dead Presidents-JayZ 04.Alwayz Into Somethin-N.W.A 05.Anything Goes-RassKass 06.Git'n Paid-Kane&Abel Side 2 01.Out To Get Rich-J.Dubb 02.What can I Do?-Ice Cube 03.Scrilla,Scratch,Paper-JTTheBiggaFigga 04.AnotherDay Another Dollar-Tru 05.Get What Cha Came Fo-Homicide 06.Nobody Move-EazyE
商品コード : T0406
価格 : 540円(税込み584円)
ポイント : 11


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